Tips to cockroach infestation – use cockroach killers

Help, I have cockroaches in the home! What can I do? Once the shock has given way, first it is essential to keep a cool head. Cockroaches have the way to your apartment probably found through packaging materials, foods or used furniture or appliances. The cause may also come from the neighbourhood, because like cockroaches spread over supply shafts. In addition, the introduction of cockroaches on holiday and travel luggage is conceivable.

If you have an infestation of cockroaches present, there are a number of important rules of conduct, which you should consider:

First things first: Sign a cockroach infestation immediately the property manager or the owner. Cockroaches multiply very fast. Most multiple dwellings are affected. Above all, you must navigate to the effective preparation for combating cockroaches. On the market, there are quite effective cockroach killer, just look for professional help. Insulate all possible additions to your living area. Cockroaches mainly penetrate through door gaps and cracks in supply ducts for water pipes, cables, ventilation, etc. in your home.

Seal all possible nooks and crannies of masonry walls, edgings and provisionally the sockets in the kitchen.
Cockroaches love warm and moist. Therefore, do not always push through vents in the affected rooms and regulate your thermostat down.

If you have recently returned from a holiday trip: Take the entire holiday luggage including clothing, shake it out outside the house and examine all parts for residues of cockroaches (insects, shed skin, eggs, etc.).
The safest way to curb curb cockroaches is to withdraw their livelihood, so especially water and food:

• Store food only in sealed containers or bags.
• Wipe off food debris or food waste away immediately.
• Remove food residues under stoves and refrigerators.
• Wash dirty dishes and pots after use.
• Waste should be removed each day from the home and placed in sealed bins or waste containers.
• Tuck waste or compost in sealed containers.
• Do not let lying around diapers or laundry.
• Do not let water in the sink or bucket to stand overnight.