Cockroaches fight with cockroach killers

Combat cockroaches properly

A cockroach control should be in professional hands of experts, because cockroaches are very resilient and even they are protected by an exoskeleton from most pesticides.

Cockroach trap and insect repellent against cockroaches

A cockroach trap or commercially available insect repellent you do not help. You only lose precious time for the cockroaches fight. A cockroach trap is only a glue trap, are held on the cockroaches in the overflow. This can only serve a statement attack, but an effective cockroach control does not take place that way.

In insect’s sprays, which are used in enclosed spaces, there are a risk of poisoning because the chemical insecticides can enter the respiratory tract. In addition, often only surfaces can be treated with insect spray, and the deep crevices, joints and cavities in which resident cockroaches are not reached.

Prior to the fight against cockroaches, according to

Before a cockroach fight in your apartment is done, you should note the following:

Remove all outstanding food and residue before the spaces to be treated.
Perform a thorough cleaning of all affected areas, including all surfaces. This includes the floor areas under equipment, kitchenette as well as the inside of cabinets
Remove all debris from the fighting cockroach’s cockroaches as excretions or cocoon residues with a vacuum cleaner. Used the vacuum cleaner bag should be destroyed afterwards.

Also, note the information under Tips for cockroach’s infestation.

Cockroach control

There are reliable cockroach killers. The experienced pest experts know what to do in the context of cockroaches fighting to free you, your family and your pets from cockroaches and give you back your home. All used measures to combat cockroaches are perfectly matched to your sensitive home environment. There is a variety of alternative methods to control cockroaches. The choice of control method depends mostly on the individual choice, the severity of infestation and the ambient conditions.

There is a wide range of modern methods of cockroach control, whether it is a reduction in areas of food and wine or in cavities, ceilings, utility shafts or wet areas such as bathrooms, swimming pools and saunas. One of the most widely used method of controlling cockroaches is the damage villain method.