Cockroaches fight – Advantages of good cockroach killers

Damage villain is a stomach poison for cockroach’s control, which is used purposefully by the trained pest experts in the hideout treatment in areas of running paths, and nests of cockroaches hiding. The great advantage of the loss villain is that it has a bait effect and acts very quickly.

The smallest particle absorption of the applied gel drops is sufficient to kill cockroaches in one day. Side effect: Saddle villain to fight cockroaches also acts indirectly, as cockroaches have the property to attack and devour weakened or dead conspecifics.

Through this multiplier effect damage urchin reached as a reliable means with a great effect.Most important means of combating cockroaches during a damage villain is the removal of all possible alternative sources of food. Only if the place of control yielded no competition for damage villain exists, it can be ensured that the cockroaches will accept the bait.In general, a significant reduction in cockroach infestation is already achieved after 7 days. A complete eradication usually takes 2-3 weeks.

However, the success of a cockroach control is also dependent and from other factors. It comes to the development, cycle of the different types of cockroaches – a final judgment take place only after a few months because the hidden eggs usually are spared from the cockroach killers. In the German cockroach, the slip of larvae lasts 2-3 months, the Oriental cockroach at least 6 months. Only then can safely be said whether the victory against a pest freedom has been achieved. Typically are needed repeated treatments and infestation surveys.

Advantages of good cockroach killers:

• Good adhesion of the loss villain, long duration of action.
• Faster onset of action, multiplier effect through cannibalism.
• No pollution, no large-scale use of pesticides needed.
• Very good controllability, precise application – even on vertical surfaces – near suspected whereabouts of cockroaches possible.
• Easy removal of the villain to fight against possible damage.

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